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Super Bowl LVI Prop Bets, Picks & Novelty Bets

Super Bowl LVI Prop Bets, Picks & Novelty Bets

Super Bowl day is finally upon us! The game itself is always a fantastic spectacle but even if you aren’t a football fan, you can bet on a range of different things surrounding the the game! 

We have outlined some of our favourite prop and novelty bets for the day including pre-game, halftime show and post game bets! 

LA Rams

Los Angeles Rams at Cincinnati Bengals

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National Anthem Length 

(Over/Under 95.5 Seconds)

Unlike the coin toss, the anthem length prop bet is one where a little bit of insider information can actually give you a massive advantage. This year’s anthem singer, Mickey Guyton has already laied down the SSB on two taped occassions. 

Both of those performances clocked in at under the 95 second mark, and while artists certainly like to soak up their time in the spotlight when it comes to the Super Bowl, we think under is the safe play here. 


Coin Toss 


The literall definition of a 50-50 bet, although the bookmakers won’t be giving you odds that reflect that. We reccomend staying away from this one but if you really need to bet on it, here are the numbers: 

In the 55 Super Bowl coin tosses throughout history, tails has saluted 26 times for a percentage fo 53%. The Chiefs won last year’s coin toss by correctly calling tails. 

Team to Defer Kick-Off


You might have to search around to find this prop bet, as we currently haven’t seen it pop up yet, but it is one that we have become familiar with over the past few seasons. 

When winning the coin toss, Zac Taylor and Sean McVay have chosen to recieve the ball in the 1st quarter just one combined time in their career. 

Opening Kickoff Touchback?


This is an interesting one, as popular podcast host and former NFL kicker Pat McAfee divulged some really intriguing insider information recently. 

According to McAfee, the ball used in the Super Bowl kick-off is different than a typical pigskin because it is brand new and not kicked/thrown in before hand. This is because it is taken immediately to the hall of fame following the kick off. 

McAfee says that the ball is ‘basically just plastic’ and doesn’t travel as well as the worn in balls. 


1st Quarter Result


This is a value bet that I absolutely love. As you might have read in our full Super Bowl preview and betting picks, I think this will be a pretty close, low scoring game that will be decided in the last quarter.

I expect both teams to be pretty slow out of the blocks, and probably play a conservative style of football in the 1st quarter. A 0-0 or 3-3 draw after the first quarter is definetely on the cards, and +400 odds for that to occur is great value. 


Either Team to Score 3 Unanswered Times 


Really like the value in this category. If we are playing into the back and forth, defensive dominated, low scoring theory that we have been working with, then it’s pretty unlikely that either of the two teams will score three times in a row on Sunday night. 

+158 is great value for this bet, one of my favourite bets of the night. 


First Song

Five artists are set to headline the Super Bowl half-time show this year, with Eminem, Dr. Dre, Kendrick Lamar, Snoop Dogg and Mary J. Blige combining for what will surely be a memorable performance. 

However, since is such a vast catalogue of songs from the five artists, picking which will be played first becomes all the more challenging. I think the ‘Next Episode’ by Eminem and Dr. Dre has one of the most iconic intros in history, and could be one that gets the crowd on their feet from the word go. Good value at over +150 at most outlets. 


Eminem Attire

I think Eminem to have ‘nothing’ on his head as opposed to a hat, do rag or hoodie is great value at almost +200. Eminem could be sporting a new hair colour for the Super Bowl, and he will surely want his face to be clearly visible amongst this array of other Super Stars on stage. 



A quarterback has won the MVP award in the Super Bowl in 9 of the last 12, so chances are that either Joe Burrow or Matt Stafford already have won hand on the trophy depending on how their respective teams go. 

However, this year more than ever, there are so many superstar players playing in the game that aren’t quarterbacks. Two of the top recievers in the NFL in Ja’Marr Chase and Cooper Kupp will be in action as well as arguably the defensive player of the generation in Aaron Donald.

I think +225 for a non-quarterback to win the MVP award is great value this year. 


Gatroade Shower

Bit of a fun one to finish the night on is always the colour of the Gatorade shower. This is always a purely superstition based bet, but one historic stat that is interesting is that seven of the last 10 Gatorade showers have been either orange or blue. 

Funilly enough, the two teams wear orange and blue respectively. Go with your gut on who is going to win this one and pick the coordinating colour. 

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