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PointsBet Review


PointsBet was founded in 2017 in Australia and began trading solely as a spread betting service. Over the course of the next year, they added regular sports betting markets to their offerings and are now one of the major players in the Australian sports betting scene. In mid 2018, PointsBet was granted the license to begin trading in the USA. 

PointsBet will launch into the U.S market in early 2019 with the release of the brand new ‘PointsBet Sportsbook’, which combines spread betting and fixed odds sports and racing markets in one website. They are currently only licensed in the state of New Jersey but we expect that to be extended to more states in the near future.  

Bonus Offers 

As PointsBet is yet to officially launch in the United States, no sign-up offer is available to potential customers as of yet. However, PointsBet are one of the leaders in special offers and promotions in Australia and currently offer a fantastic $600 first deposit sign-up bonus. We would expect the offer to be around this mark on opening day in the United States.  

Make sure to keep an eye on the PointsBet website and sign up to their mailing list to be alerted when they officially launch in New Jersey.  

Website & Mobile App  

When PointsBet officially opened its doors for business in Australia, the website and mobile app could only be described as ‘a little choppy’. However, with over a year of experience in the Australian betting market, the user interface has been honed and refined and looks ready to go to make a smooth transition to us U.S facing customers.  

The PointsBet layout is simple and easy to use, combining a detailed homepage displaying popular and upcoming betting markets and displaying their current promotions clearly. A drop-down menu on the left-hand side of the screen will allow you to select an individual sport or race while you can log in or sign up in the top right hand corner.  

The PointsBet mobile app combines a sleek black design with easy to read betting markets and promotions. One downfall is that they are yet to intergrate quick login technology such as pin code or touch ID, but apart from that, the PointsBet app cannot be faulted and is available on both iOS and Android.  



There are a few things that really sets PointsBet apart from the rest of the pack. The first of which is the integration of ‘spread betting’. If you’re not already familiar with spread betting, you can check out our full guide to spread betting here. In short, spread betting allows you to place wagers on almost any occurrence throughout the course of a sporting event, the amount of times it will happen or the time it will occur. 

The second major feature of PointsBet is their fantastic promotions. Whether it be NBA, NFL, Soccer, Baseball or a range of other sports, PointsBet are always one of the leaders in betting promotions. Promotions such as elite odds, early payouts and cash back offers are real incentives to go with PointsBet.  

PointsBet have a wide range of sports available to bet on both in the United States and abroad. See the full list below.



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