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Barstool Sports has become one of the biggest sports media outlets in the world on the back of a free newspaper founded by Dave Portnoy back in 2003. A portion of the company was acquired by Penn National Gaming in early 2020, which began the process of Barstool branching out into the world of online sportsbooks.

With the backing of Penn National and one of the largest pre-existing user-bases of sports fans in the world, there is no doubt that Barstool Sportsbook will instantly become must have in any sports bettors arsenal. 

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Barstool Sportsbook Information

Little is currently known about the Barstool Sportsbook as the product is yet to open. However, what we do know is that Barstool is targeting a date around the September to launch the sportsbook, right in time for the start of the NFL season. 

With the weekly Barstool Advisor show featuring Dave Portnoy and Dan Katz revolving around the National Football League, you can bet there will be a strong focus on football, both at the professional and collegiate level on the Barstool Sportsbook homepage. 

Portnoy also has strong family connections in the racing industry in the United States, which is where his love of gambling and handicapping horse races originated from. While we expect the Sportsbook to be the first to launch, we can almost guarantee that Barstool will delve into the realm of horse racing down the line. 

Barstool Sportsbook Sign Up Bonus Offer

Hard to say what the opening Barstool Sportsbook sign up bonus offer will be, but you can imagine it will be competitive. Barstool Sportsbook has a number of podcasts and YouTube shows that are centered around sports gambling and in these shows they are alwasy promoting different sportsbooks and their sign up bonuses. 

A lot could have been learned from their figures on sign ups using the Barstool codes at different sportsbooks that advertised with them.You can bet that they will have accumulated a good understanding from the value of sign up bonuses and which types of bonuses worked the best from the data. 

Barstool Sportsbook Promo Code

Promo codes will be an interesting thing at Barstool Sportsbook. They are really the first sportsbook of their kind that has a built in advertising tool in the Barstool Sports media brand itself. 

There is no doubt that they will be pumping out promo codes for sign up bonuses in the months to come on shows such as Pardon My Take, Call Her Daddy, Spittin’ Chiclets and ForePlay, all of which rank in the most listened to podcasts in the world. 

Barstool Sportsbook Features

Barstool Sportsbook will be unique to any other sportsbook in the world in that they have a built in mega media conglomerate at their disposal.

There is no doubt that Barstool Sportsbook users will get limited privileges and exclusive access to events and items within the Barstool world. 

Just one example of where being a dedicated Barstool Sportsbook user could have an advantage is access into something like the ‘ForePlay: Barstool Classic’, an annual golf tournament that is conducted around the United States amongst thousands of ‘Stoolies’.

Website & Mobile App

It will certainly be interesting to see whether or not Barstool Sportsbook will take the conventional approach to the sportsbook website/app or whether they will shake it up with something new.

They are masters of optimisation of the user/interface experience through their popular website BarstoolSports.com and will no doubt bring some of that flair to their website and mobile app. 


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